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Accounting Software

An easy, relaible and cost effective Accounting Software for your business

A brief introduction to Accounting Software


  • Accounting is solution for management of daily operation of a company that is focused on cost reduction through clear and concise automated operation management.The software is interconnected through a client-server networking technology where a centralized database has been used for synthesizing these systems and it will be maintained in a central server. The Accounting solution is both Desktop and web based, which makes the solution more spirited. For such as integration, user will get dual flavor. As the solution is web based, authority/browser will get access to see anything they want from any places of the world, according to their comfortable time



  • The application will enable the organization to track all financial transactions, payments enables your organization run operation smoothly.

Major benefits of the system are listed here:

  • Faster operation and Reportin.
  • Reducing unauthenticated use of money and assets.
  • Helps on informed decision making.
  • Planning for the future.
  • Improved record keeping.
  • Improved communications.

Software Features:

  • Four Level Chart of Account.
  • Bank Information Entry.
  • Project, Supplier, Employee and Client Setup.
  • Budget Information.
  • Voucher Entry.
  • Voucher Posting.

Reports Available:

  • Trail Balance.
  • Income & Expenses Statement.
  • Profit and Loss Accounts.
  • Balance Sheet.
  • Cash Flow.
  • Bank Reconciliation.
  • General Ledger.
  • Subsidiary Ledger.
  • All Accounts Ledger of a Specific Sub-code.
  • All Sub-code Ledger of a Specification Accounts.
  • Accounts Category Wise Detail Report.
  • Accounts Category Wise Summery.
  • Accounts Type Wise Summery Report.
  • Bank General Ledger.
  • All Bank Balance Summery under Type of Bank Accounts.
  • All Accounts Balance of a Specific Bank.
  • Bank Balance of a Specific Accounts under a Specific Bank.
  • Bank Reconciliation Accounts.
  • Comparable Income & Expenses Report.
  • Comparable Profit & Loss Accounts.
  • Comparable Balance Sheet.
  • Comparable Between Budget & Expenses.
  • Capital Budget.

Terget Customer :

  • Small to large group of company

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