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Swit POS

An easy, relaible and cost effective Point of Sales solution for your business

A brief introduction to SWIT Sales Manager


  • Swit POS is a cost effective point of sales solution for your business. It is very user friendly and easy to learn & use.
  • Swit POS is empowers and boost your business through effective management of your business.
  • It keeps track of your purchases and payments of respective purchase, store items with barcode, forecast your stock, handle your sales transactions by cash, credit and hire mode with installments configurations, collection of pending payments with notification for installment besides generating all required reports.
  • It is a desktop application developed in .Net platform backed by SQL Server database.
  • Best matching users are Electronic Shop, Mobile Shop, Shoe Store, Fashion House, Furniture Shop, Computer Shop and Toy Stores etc.


  • Faster, Easier and Cheaper Installation.
  • Improved Cash Flow.
  • Enhanced Inventory Managemen.
  • Quick and Comprehensive Reporting.
  • Reduced Paperwork.
  • Easier Customer Management.
  • Improved Sales.
  • Off-Site Access.
  • Support multiple show rooms, multiple ware housess.
  • Unlimited user and operator support.
  • Unlimited Items & category support.
  • Store items with barcode.
  • Forecast your stock with shortage notification.
  • Collection of pending payments with notification for installment besides generating all required reports.

Product Features:

  • Company Information and ware house configuration.
  • Item Setup Based on Category.
  • Setup Supplier, Manufacturer, Bank with branch and returning customers.
  • Sales based on cash, credit and Hire with keeping guarantor information and automated installment scheduling.
  • Hire installment notification on scheduled date.
  • Credit and Hire installment collection.
  • Daily Bank and other transaction keeping and cash balance forecasting.
  • Data backup keeping option.
  • Role based user permission & security management based on role.

Reports Available:

  • Current Stock report.
  • Stock Report with price.
  • Daily Sales Report.
  • Date to Date Sales Report.
  • Date wise Sales Recapitulation Report.
  • Bank wise Transaction Report.
  • Type wise Transaction Report.
  • Daily Transaction Report.
  • Installment Report.
  • Customer Profile Report.
  • Barcode Report.
  • Monthly Summary Report.
  • Installment Defaulter List Report.
  • Product List Report.
  • Customer Due List Report.
  • Cash point balance report.
  • Item wise purchase report.
  • Supplier pending payment report.
  • Customer Wise installment report.
  • Operator Wise Sales Report.
  • Monthly Sales Trend Report.
  • Item Wise Sales Report.
  • Top 10 Sold Products.
  • Top 10 Profitable Products.
  • Top Returning Products.
  • Top 10 Due List.

Terget Customer :

  • Automobile.
  • Book Store.
  • Ceramics Shop.
  • Cloth Shop.
  • Computer Sales.
  • Confectionary Store.
  • Cosmetics Sales.
  • Departmental Store.
  • Fashion House.
  • Fast Food.
  • Furniture.
  • Handicraft.
  • Hardware Store.
  • Home Appliance.
  • Juewllery Shop.
  • Medicine Shop/Pharmacy.
  • Mobile.
  • Musical Instument.
  • Pet Shop.
  • Plastic Shop.
  • Restaurant.
  • Shoe Store.
  • Sporting Goods.
  • Stationary.
  • Steel & Cement Shop.
  • Super Market.
  • Tiles Shop.
  • Toy Store.

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