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A Web based cardiac product Sales and Inventory Management Software

It is easy to use and maintain for cardiac Business Organization


  • It is Enable to bercode sales and inventory management Software .
  • multi user supported.
  • web based application that enables your organization track your product inventory and sales in each hospital along with your office quickly and easily.


  • Faster, Easier and Cheaper Installation.
  • Improved Cash Flow.
  • Enhanced Inventory Managemen.
  • Quick and Comprehensive Reporting.
  • Reduced Paperwork.
  • Easier Customer Management.
  • Improved Sales.
  • Off-Site Access.
  • Support multiple show rooms, multiple ware housess.
  • Unlimited user and operator support.
  • Unlimited Items & category support.
  • Store items with barcode.
  • Forecast your stock with shortage notification.

Product Features:

  • Multi-level Product Category Setup.
  • Unlimited Product and Product Size entry option.
  • Unlimited Product Stock.
  • Barcode Generation Option.
  • Product Purchase information entry.
  • Office to Hospital Product transfer.
  • Hospital to Hospital transfer.
  • Delivery Challan Report (3 formats).
  • Product Sales Information Entry.
  • Bill Information Entry.
  • Bill Print (3 formats).
  • Bill Collection Entry.
  • Product Withdraw Information Entry.
  • Product Return Information Entry.
  • Two level Accounts Head Setup.
  • Accounting Transaction Entry.
  • Multi Store Stock Record.
  • Sales to individual customer and Hospital.
  • Withdraw Product.
  • Return Product.
  • Completely Web Based Application.
  • Compatible to most Browsers.
  • User friendly and easy to use.
  • Easily Customizable.

Reports Available:

  • Hospital Wise daily stock Report.
  • Date to date sales Reports.
  • Hospital Wise Sales Report.
  • Item Wise Sales Report.
  • Size Wise Sales Report.
  • Doctor Wise Sales Report.
  • Daily Expense register Report.
  • Type wise Expense Report.
  • Daily Recapitulation Report.
  • Date to Date Stock Report.
  • Accounts Reports.
  • Product Transfer Reports.
  • Withdraw Challan Reports.
  • Return Challan Reports.
  • Barcode Report.
  • Barcode List Report.
  • Item wise purchase report.
  • Current Stock Report(Code).
  • Date To Date Expiry Report(Code).
  • Short Expiry Report(Code).
  • Purchase Report(Code).
  • Sales Report(Code).
  • Transfer Report(Code).
  • Withdraw Report(Code).
  • Item Wise Summary Report.

Terget Customer :

  • All Cardiac Business Organization.

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