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University Management System(UMS)

A brief introduction to University Management System


  • University Management Software is very user friendly and easy to learn & use.


  • The application will enable the organization to track all student information, course, result, attendance, fees collection and generate transcript and other necessary documents.

Major benefits of the system are listed here:

  • Faster and authentic use.
  • Improved record keeping.
  • Reducing unauthenticated use.
  • Improved communications.


University Management System modules include:

  • PMS Module.
  • Advising and Planning.
  • Result and Attendance.
  • Fees Collection.
  • Library Management.
  • Reports.


  • Multi branch support.
  • Multi user support.
  • Teacher and Employee login.
  • Integrated with accounts and library.
  • Configuration of different Department, Course, Course offer and Grade setup etc.
  • Student Information entry.
  • Course Advising through easy student search.
  • Add drop course taken in advising.
  • Course Withdraw from advised course.
  • Student Mark Distribution.
  • Student Result Entry.
  • Student Registration.
  • Exam Attendance.
  • Fee Setup and Configuration.
  • Fee Collection.
  • Block Student from advising.
  • New books entry with details information.
  • Book Acquisition in library.
  • Student and membership employee membership in library.
  • Books issue to library members.
  • Book return from members.
  • Charge late return fee.
  • Employee Information.
  • User wise security configuration.

Reports Available:

  • Student List (Program Wise).
  • Course Info (Program Wise).
  • Course List (Branch Wise).
  • Offered Course.
  • Student Pending Course List.
  • Advise Summary.
  • Breakdown Sheet.
  • Grade Sheet (Course Wise).
  • Grade Sheet (Semester Wise).
  • Grade Sheet all student (Course Wise).
  • Grade Sheet (Guardian’s Copy).
  • Tabulation Sheet.
  • Student List by Result (Department Wise).
  • Student List by Result (Semester Wise).
  • Student Personal Profile.
  • Student Attendance.
  • Student Attendance.
  • Student Transcript.
  • Student Transcript (Semester Wise).
  • Student Official Transcript (Semester Wise).
  • Admit Card.
  • List of course taken by a student.
  • List of Students entitled in a course.
  • Course Registration Form.
  • Add Drop Slip.
  • Add Drop List.
  • Course Withdrawal Form.
  • Fees Collection (Student Wise).
  • Fees Collection (Department Wise).
  • Fees Collection (Date Wise).
  • Fees Waiver.
  • Due Report (Student Wise).
  • Student Collection Ledger (Semester Wise).
  • List of Student Collection Fees.
  • Member List (Student).
  • Member List (Employee).
  • Library Membership Form.
  • Library Book List (Subject Wise).
  • Book Card (Accession Wise).
  • Library Issue Register (Student).
  • Library Issue Register (Employee).
  • Remainder Letter (Student).
  • Remainder Letter (Employee).
  • Acquisition Summary.
  • List.

Terget Customer :

  • University.
  • Medical College.
  • College.
  • Polytechnic.
  • Madrasa.
  • School.
  • Kindergarten.

Development Platform:

The application is developed using .net technologies like:

  • Platform: Windows.
  • Programming Language: C#, ASP.NET, Ext.Net.
  • Web Technology: ASP.NET, Java script, HTML5, CSS.
  • Database: SQL Server 2008 or higher.
  • Reporting Tools: Crystal Report.
  • Browser Support: Mozilla, Chrome, Opera.

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